Startup programme

At the Luxembourg-City Incubator, WE UNDERSTAND the CHALLENGES that startups are facing.

That’s why we provide a full support programme designed to provide solutions and resources for these challenges.

The programme includes a dynamic knowledge-sharing network of professionals and community that offers both collective and individual learning opportunities to founders.


An easy access to all services of the Chamber of Commerce Group complements the offer: House of Training, the House of Entrepreneurship, the House of Startups, the Business Mentoring program and Nyuko.



“Knowledge shared is squared”.

In a recurrent sequence of approximately 12 weeks, the Luxembourg-City Incubator offers hosted startups acces to workshops, masterclasses, and assesses the maturity stage and progress priorities of the projects.



“Together we go further”.

Being hosted at the Luxembourg-City Incubator makes you part of a vibrant community willing to share perspectives, synergies and informal moments to get to know like-minded entrepreneurs.





“Your network is your net worth”.

An on-site team of advisors and connexions with external partners and experts, offer personalized guidance and support to our members.
They help tackling any challenge at all maturity levels of the startup. Having access to the network of its stakeholders main external fairs, conferences, training courses, clubs and events. The City of Luxembourg, as second main sponsor, reinforces the Luxembourg-City Incubators large network access.