Main criteria

Projects must be:

  • innovative (i.e. intend to develop something new or substantially improved compared to what already exists in the regional and Luxembourgish eco-system)
  • have growth potential (scalability)
  • have the potential to create employment
  • in addition, priority is given to projects related to one of the six main areas

Secondary criteria

The following factors will also be considered when assessing a project:

  • risk of development failure
  • need for support and desire to actively participate in LCI’s community
  • qualifications of the team and presence on-site of the decision-makers
  • degree of maturity of the project
  • possible synergies with the other participating start-ups
  • desire to have an economic or social impact in Luxembourg

Selection process

  • startup candidates apply online using the dedicated form
  • an eligibility check is conducted by the LCI team
  • qualified startups will then be invited to present their project to the Selection Committee