Startup Support Program

Startup Support Program


It consists of a series of meetings to assess business priorities, monitor progress, and help the entrepreneur on a daily basis.

Assistance may take the form of first-level advising and/or coaching, putting the entrepreneur in contact with second-level expert, a potential client or partner. Specific actions are conducted for each project aiming at accelerating the company’s growth and ensuring its sustainability.


In addition to the individual program, a collective program of workshops, mini-conferences and informal dedicated events is available to all incubated startups. They have privileged access to main external fairs, conferences, training courses, clubs and events.

The startup’s projects get a large exposure on the media in order to develop notoriety and business opportunities.


The Luxembourg-City Incubator expertise relies on the in-house skills of the incubator team, assisted by a vast network of professionals, coaches and experts able to intervene at all stages of maturity of the startup.

An easy access to all services of the Chamber of Commerce Group complements the offer: House of Training, the House of Entrepreneurship, the House of Startups, the Business Mentoring program and Nyuko.


The City of Luxembourg, as second main sponsor, reinforces the Luxembourg-City Incubator’s large network access.